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About The Trip

About the trip

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For over 30 years the MYC has been organizing summer trips to Israel. Throughout these years the Nassimi family has sponsored the program.  Their generous financial support has enabled many youth in our community to participate in this program.

Mr. Aghajan Nassimi and his wife, Malakeh Nassimi, were passionate in their love for Israel. Mr. Aghajan Nassimi wanted to make sure that all youth would have a chance to spend their summer in Israel. His philanthropic leadership and expansive vision enabled every youth in our community to experience Israel and see the country in a way that is not possible by any single individual. Through his vision, the MYC was able to strengthen the Jewish identity among our youth and deepen their connection to Israel.

The Nassimi family has established the “Israel Discovery Trip” to fulfill Mr. Nassimi’s dream.

After Mr. Aghajan Nassimi’s passing, his sons continued their family’s sponsorship of this program without interruption, and with their substantial financial support invite every youth in our community to experience Israel through this program. Since the start of this program more than 1,500 of our community youth have visited Israel and many of them have ended up returning to Israel to pursue their higher education in Israeli universities and to visit the country on a regular basis.